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"OIL had 0 accidents in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and we plan to continue our 0 accidents trend. We attribute these excellent safety records, in part, to great clients that profess and implement safety onsite.” – Donald R. Harrington | Oilfield Innovators Limited | CEO

Our innovations were inspired by the personal experience of our entire team. Every aspect of our designs came from opportunities we saw to reduce exposure and enhance safety:

  • Eliminate personnel on regular or hydraulic catwalks
  • Eliminate moving cables and rotating sheaves on the floor
  • Provide tracking back and forth to the rig floor
  • Eliminate swinging the block while pickup and laydown operations are underway
  • Eliminate hand traps found in outdated pole units
  • Lessen the risk of damage from tying to rig beams
  • All OIL personnel and equipment are OSHA approved

Onshore or offshore applications




Our units can be set-up in as little as 15 minutes alongside the pipe rack and our remote operation means a single man can load or offload joints of pipe. 

Designed for a small footprint and tight operations, our skid-mounted system also allows you to set-up from either the catwalk or ground-level. Additionally, you can operate from either the left or right side of the unit — without ever changing the position. 

This versatility means your pipe handling will become fast and precise.


The operator cabin and its four joystick controls can be positioned for maximum visibility and comfort, while providing precise and speedy operation.