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About us

Oilfield innovators limited

safe, reliable and efficient

As an innovator in well-site pipe management in the United States since 2006, Oilfield Innovators Limited, LLC (OIL) has proven that efficient handling of tubulars can make a difference in your bottom line. 

Our units move tubing off the rack and deliver it to The PAL Unit (Pole-less Adaptable Laydown) trough where it is then cradled to be latched by the rig elevators. By eliminating the human element, we’ve minimized the risk associated with pipe handling, eliminated downtime, and proven so effective, that once you use the PAL, you’ll never go back to old school methods.

Our units have worked throughout the continental U.S. and can be mobilized in a matter of days. Our petroleum engineers and designers are available to answer your questions or discuss your needs.

Only one man is required to remotely operate the PAL, reducing exposure to unsafe hoisting conditions. That frees your roustabouts and drilling crew to focus on other assignments.

In short, we specialize in saving time and saving lives.


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While ever-expanding,
OIL currently services the following locations:

Lafayette, LA
Shreveport, LA
Midland, TX
Victoria, TX
Laurel, MS
Lindsay, OK
Elk City, OK
Searcy, AR
Offshore Gulf of Mexico