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oilfield innovators limited

Don't touch that pipe! Automate your pickup and laydown work.

If your oilfield rig, well-site, or refinery still uses manual labor for the handling of pipe, our machine —the Pole-less Adaptable Laydown (PAL) system —can be the game changer you need. It's safer and cheaper than traditional pipe-handling methods and is available for lease or purchase.

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"It is the quickest and safest way to run pipe. Period."
"It is more efficient to use OIL than any other way."
"You made our job more time efficient! We were impressed at the efficiency laying down and picking up casing. We will use you again."
"From now on, we will always have an OIL machine on location when we are laying down and picking up."
"Your machines can handle the job no matter the size. Efficient and dependable."
"With the PAL, you don't need a fork lift or crane to handle pipe."
"It fits in a small space, and we don't need an extra man on the pipe rack."

Oilfield innovators limited

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